Prayer Request

Anonymous, May 28, 2020 - 7:26 AM

Praise report from Bonnie Westfall. Byron has a blockage in his bladder and was dropped by his doc just as they were moving to TX week before last. Bonnie and her sister were working in her sister's yard in TX when a neighbor walked by. He asked how they were doing. For some reason Bonnie spilled the beans about Byron needing a doc. The neighbor says, "I am an oncologist and my best friend is a pain management doc." (Byron has a long history of cancer surgeries/treatments and the need for pain management.) This doc dropped out of the sky. We are praising God. Byron has an appt with him on Tuesday 4/14 to find out why he has this bladder blockage. Please pray against cancer. Bonnie says they are well and that they miss our church family. They really appreciate our prayers!!