Prayer Request

Carol Elizabeth Tufts, March 24, 2020 - 3:21 PM

Please pray for my sons, Ryan (NYC) Chris (NASHVILLE) and Matt (PORT CHARLOTTE) , all young physicians. Chris and Ryan will be intubating the COVID patients. Asking for prayers for safety, endurance , wisdom, leadership growth, clear articulation as well as opportunities to share the comfort and love of Jesus and opportunities to share the Gospel. Lots of secular people guiding them and I hope their voices are laced with our Lord's wisdom and power and strength. And, my sister Mary (61 years old) who battles terrible immune issues and other health issues and has been called back into nursing which she gladly accepted! She was an ICU nurse for 30 years. She is a true nurse and believes it is her purpose to care for these patients who are alone and on vents. She is in the ICU COVID in Teaneck New Jersey. She is a loving and talented nurse convinced of God's purpose for her. Let's pray for Mary!