Feeding El Bon during COVID Crisis

I have received many photos of how the Lutz members’ monetary donations have come to fruition in our little town of El Bon. Pastor Darier traveled to Bayamo (approx. 3 hours by car/taxi) to purchase supplies to package meals. Then church members divided into groups: some cooked pork and rice over open flame, others boxed, others delivered the food to the members of the church and to others in the community who are elderly or sick. They placed the food boxes in a large tote and walked through the neighborhood delivering the food and praying with the people. The video shows pictures that are examples of what Lutz is doing in our sister church and I would like to share, as best as possible, as an update to our church members and those who are supporting the Cuba missions.

Pastor Darier says, “The Bible says faith without works is dead faith.” He also reports this miracle: “But doing this was good, but the great thing is that today there was no electricity, all day and I can tell you that all these people today went to sleep without eating because their pots are electric, and the stores to buy food were closed due to the lack of electricity. So my dear sister, I saw the sign of God today when there was no electric current, you should be here and see their faces with just a little food. A fantastic day !!!! Glory to God!!!!!”

Thank you and many blessings!
Lynn Bordelon

Click this link to view the video: Feeding El Bon during COVID Crisis