Mission:  El Bon, Cuba

You don’t want to miss this hilarious video.
Our Cuba Mission Team shows the hoops they jump through to get a package to our Sister Churches. 

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.   James 5:16

  • To give refuge to those who are being persecuted for demonstrating their desire to have food and access to medicines for human sustainability.
  • God’s Church in Cuba. Divine wisdom and grace for Bishop Pereira he will have an important call with the Cuban government in the hope that they will allow humanitarian assistance from MUIP and other US partners go through, politics aside. That includes the release of medicines sent and delayed at customs in Havana. 
  • Our sister church in El Bon: for our incoming pastor, Jose Cosio, and his family who are moving into the parsonage today. May he be able to lead the church during these times of unrest and turmoil in the streets.  That the Lord helps him to have the divine knowledge to see clearly and the strength to make the right decisions for the safety of the church and congregation.
  • Our spawned church, located in Marea del Portillo, that was purchased a few years ago by our Lutz Church. Pastor Geiner Fritz, and his family, as they endure this alone without a sister church relationship and lack of financial help.
  • Pastor Darier and Dayani’s safe travel to Santiago today. For their protection of health due to extreme levels of COVID-19 and the streets of people holding bats and government officials trying to suppress them in their fight for freedom.
  • The Sierra Maestra District Superintendent, Pastor Miguel Moreira and his family, for his ability to lead the district with divine knowledge for the protection of the churches in their ability to meet again without the government shutting them down. And, for pastor Miguel’s strength to overcome a sickness he has which there is no medicine available at this time.
  • Cuba as a country. The leadership under President and First Secretary of the Communist Party, Miguel Díaz-Canel.  That through God his heart will soften and allow a change of the “One State One Party” thinking since 1959 to be that of a FREE country to its people.
  • For basic things like petroleum which affects their ability to have electricity for fans in the heat of the summer which in turn means heat exhaustion for the elderly, Food that is scarce or unattainable without the funds on a debit card in USD form. For the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine; which they have, but no longer have syringes to dispense.  
  • For the pastors of Cuba with churches that will cease to be churches because they do not have economic solvency. Many pastors have to put part of their salary to support the church, the little amount of money that goes into the church is destined to pay for electricity.  They report they cannot help those in need, and that some pastors plan to resign because they can no longer support their families financially. 

Our Sister Church in El Bon, Cuba

Located in the southeast region of Communist Cuba, El Bon is a remote village nestled between the Sierra Maestra Mountain Range and the Caribbean Sea. They use horse & buggy and bicycles as main mode of transportation. However, you may see a tourist bus or a taxi every once in a while, on their way to the coastal resort in Marea del Portillo (Imagine Florida in the 1950s).
The church family (about 180 members) are locals who either walk or ride their bikes to the church for services on Wednesday and Sunday. Their lively worship is spirit-filled, with dancing, singing, piano, drums, tambourines, maracas, and more, amplified by their speaker system. When the church has the necessary resources, they prepare Sunday supper for the widows and children of the area.


The church is literally their social hub. During the week, locals gather and sit for hours enjoying the company of one another, and listening to music. Others choose to be inside the church, on their knees, praying fervently.

Some travel to the nearby city of Pilon for employment, in nursing, teaching, carpentry, music education, banking, and more. Others raise pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, etc. 
Pastor Darier wrote, “Now God is leading us to raise goats and sheep, which only grow on grass and water and can give us meat, cheese and milk. We tried raising chickens, but providing food for them is very difficult. I don’t want to burden you with the details, which only a Cuban understands, hahaha. So thank God for the pigs. He is helping us a lot to feed the people of the church, and we are preparing to make food for 200 very poor people in our community in El Bon, and we still have 11 pigs growing.”
Missionaries are sent out from their little El Bon Church high into the mountain regions to preach the gospel to people who have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. They travel the steep terrain to reach the most remote areas, weekly, on horseback. They have been most appreciative of the boots, backpacks and other supplies that we were able to deliver on our March 2020 trip to El Bon. One of the missionaries, Yanitza, took the photo that appears as the background of this page. 🙂
Enjoy the stories and accompanying pictures and videos in the posts below, to get a real feel for El Bon and the beautiful people who call it home.

Who is Methodists United In Prayer (MUIP)?

The Methodists United in Prayer (MUIP) Cuba Ministry exists to see Jesus Christ’s glory displayed through the power of prayer and relationship between Cuban and American Churches and Christians. We are a ministry that facilitates relationships, prayer, and support between US Churches and the Methodist Church in Cuba. Formed in 1997, our work is primarily accomplished through Sister Church relationships formed between churches in the US and Methodist Churches in Cuba. We send mission teams, support pastors, partner with churches, and build bonds of Christian fellowship.
If you have any questions or would like to speak with the local District Coordinator call Lynn Bordelon at 713-304-5966


Ways you can help…


Pastors in Cuba are paid about $25/month.  If you’d like to provide supplemental income to a hard working pastor, Donate Now to make a donation to “Pastor Support” in the “Sierra Maestra District”.  You’ll be blessed!  You can select a one-time contribution of $300 to cover a year, or set up a recurring payment of $25/month. Be sure to select “Pastor Support” and “Sierra Maestra District”.


God is Moving in El Bon, Cuba…read more:

Streams of Living Water

In memory of Violet Cabot, a 32 meter deep well (104 Feet) was constructed in El Bon. This well has higher volume than the current drinking facility in El Bon. Currently, we are fundraising to install a cistern & motor for water purification that will attach permanently to the well, which will provide clean, purified, drinking water for the entire community. The wonderful thing about this is that people from all over the area will travel to the church property for water, and are likely to find the Living Water as well.

[Jesus] suddenly cried out, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scriptures said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.’ But this He spoke of the Spirit, whom those who believed in Him were to receive; for the Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified” (John 7:37–39).

To donate to this project, go to: Donate Now and select “District Funds”, then “Sierra Maestra”, and after your payment method is entered, you will be able to type “well” in the note field.

Violet Cabot in Cuba


Feeding El Bon during COVID Crisis

I have received many photos of how the Lutz members’ monetary donations have come to fruition in our little town of El Bon. Pastor Darier traveled to Bayamo (approx. 3 hours by car/taxi) to purchase supplies to package meals. Then church members divided into groups: some cooked pork and rice over open flame, others boxed, others delivered the food to the members of the church and to others in the community who are elderly or sick. They placed the food boxes in a large tote and walked through the neighborhood delivering the food and praying with the people. The video shows pictures that are examples of what Lutz is doing in our sister church and I would like to share, as best as possible, as an update to our church members and those who are supporting the Cuba missions.

Pastor Darier says, “The Bible says faith without works is dead faith.” He also reports this miracle: “But doing this was good, but the great thing is that today there was no electricity, all day and I can tell you that all these people today went to sleep without eating because their pots are electric, and the stores to buy food were closed due to the lack of electricity. So my dear sister, I saw the sign of God today when there was no electric current, you should be here and see their faces with just a little food. A fantastic day !!!! Glory to God!!!!!”

Thank you and many blessings!
Lynn Bordelon

Click this link to view the video: Feeding El Bon during COVID Crisis


Rev. Darier Benitez

Rev. Darier Benitez, and his lovely wife Dayani have been serving in El Bon since 2007.  The church started under the mango tree. They moved services into their home, until a two-story, freestanding building could be built.  Now, church attendance has grown to 180 members and is still growing. 
You can see in this picture,with the little girl, that he takes “laying on of hands” seriously. She even mimics at such a young age.
At 5 AM every day, the church is open for prayer, while Yanitza plays keyboard. It is very spirit-led with prayers and praise offered out loud. The community can hear and are welcome to participate.