All three services:  8, 9:45 (Masks Required) & 11:30 AM (Masks Recommended)
ONE WAY TRAFFIC:  People will enter through the front doors, and will be seated in the sanctuary, chapel, or Big House Room.  Chairs will be grouped 6 or more feet apart. 

SERVICE ASSISTANTS:  Tim Vorhees is heading up a team to assist with sanitation, seating, and other logistics of the service. We will be screening staff and assistants for symptoms upon arrival.

SETUP:  Please resist the urge to “sit with a friend”.  Remember social distancing requires us to put 6 feet between each family unit.


  • People who are healthy, and show no symptoms of COVID-19 (or anything else that could be contagious!).  Symptoms include fever, cough, shortness of breath, and more.
  • People who are NOT at high risk. High risk individuals include:  “older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions”  Older adult is defined by the CDC as 65 & older. 
  • People who will practice social distancing. Maybe you are okay with hugs, handshakes, etc., but many people are not ready for that, yet. Save it for later, this is just our first service.  🙂
  • Children who are able to sit with their family through the service.  It is believed that social distancing is particularly difficult for children, especially when it’s their instinct to run up and hug their friends, teachers, and more. Again, it’s just not time for that, yet. Parents know their kids best, so use your best judgement to make this decision.  It was suggested by one of our moms, that families with potential wiggly ones might want to be in the back, so that they can easily go for a walk if the child is having a hard time. (Note:  The playground is currently closed. That could also be a temptation for a child who doesn’t understand the risks involved.)
  • People who are ready. If for ANY reason, you are not ready to return to in-person church, we honor your decision, and we know that there are numbers of you. Some are healthcare workers who are limiting their exposure, others are being cautious for various reasons.  We will continue to make our services available on the web, and there is no pressure for ANYONE to attend in person, until they are ready to do so.


Using the guidelines published by our bishop and the CDC, we created a relaunch task force to design a system to safely resume worship and other activities at our church.  It consists of the heads of all of our committees, other leaders, and some staff.

There is definitely consensus among the group to get started as soon as we can safely do so.  Protecting our vulnerable population is a priority and so are those who are possibly suffering spiritually, emotionally, mentally and even physically because of isolation from their pastor and church family. 
Now, that we are at the end of June, and cases in are area are rising, and our local counties are making masks mandatory in other public places, we are making two services totally Masks Required. The third service will be Masks Recommended, and we do hope that people will chose to wear a mask, for the comfort of those around them.
Note that this timeline is a work in progress and all dates are estimates.

Getting Started

Establish Task Force
Determine items and personnel needed to hold in-person services
Gather and Order supplies and equipment. 
Plan a safe time for the first in-person service.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

May 31 (Pentecost) 
Worship in the Shade 1

With 68 people in attendance, it was a great success.

June 7 (Communion Sunday) 
Worship in the Shade 2 
Pre-packaged communion cups with wafers will be offered by someone wearing gloves.  
It was drizzling off and on, and attendance was only 22 people. We will do outside one more week.

We need more signage next week, and we will have masks available for people who don’t bring one from home.

Chairs will be spread apart even further than last week. And more chairs set out. 
Task Force will meet that afternoon to debrief and plan for week 3.  
June 8 
Handbell Practice resumes, using social distancing, and sanitizing equipment.  No bell sharing.
June 14
Church in the Shade 3.
Chair groups set 8′ apart.
88 people were in attendance and overwhelming said they are ready to attend services inside.
June 21 (Father’s Day)
Church inside. Chair groups set up 6′ apart.
Overflow areas (chapel and Big House Room)
Chapel will be Masks Required.  Other areas will be Masks Recommended.
6′ markers will be placed to remind people to stay 6′ apart.

Task Force will meet that afternoon to debrief and plan for future weeks.

June 27
Retirement Party (open house at church).
People must RSVP for food, and what time they plan to attend.
What a beautiful day we had. The flow of people was well spaced out, and people were generally using masks, except while eating.
Kudos to Keli Crosland who led the event, and to those who helped decorate:  Lynne Brown, Lynnette Hefley, Ellen Wolf, and
       balloons by Deylli Kelley, and others.  It was absolutely beautiful!!!!!  Thanks as well, to those who setup, cleaned up, and boxed food!!!
June 28 (Pastor Rick’s last Sunday)
Church inside. MUST avoid overcrowding. 
8:00 & 9:45 = Masks Required.  11:30 = Masks Recommended.

Task Force will meet that afternoon to debrief and plan for future weeks.

July 5 (Pastor Chris’ first Sunday)
Church inside.  MUST avoid overcrowding
Will we need overflow space?  How many services?

Task Force will meet that afternoon to debrief and plan for future weeks.

What about classes, choir and VBS?
VBS 2020 has been cancelled. 
Classes will continue on ZOOM until further notice.

Choir is expected to resume in August.